About Okeanos

Okeanos is an active venture investor in the DC metro area, averaging 1-2 deals per month.

We invest $250K-$2M in seed, angel, and friends & family rounds, Series A rounds, Series B's, and occasionally pre-IPO.

Our interests vary widely as do our members' backgrounds.

$15m+ deployed into 60+ high-growth startups

Our strategy is focused on diversified investments alongside strong lead investors across growth stages, sectors and geographies.

Okeanos has established strong relationships with venture capital firms nationwide and collaborates regularly with many firms and funds to uncover high growth investment opportunities and support our portfolio companies with later stage funding rounds.

Monthly Pitch Dinners with members joining from across the country

Our members work collaboratively together to source and select founders for each pitch dinner event, engage with founding teams following the presentations, and provide support for the presenting teams, regardless of whether Okeanos ultimately elects to make an investment.

Investment Opportunities sourced and supported by the collective group of founders, whose backgrounds include venture capitalists, executives, lawyers, developers and consultants.

Okeanos members source opportunities and apply their core competencies and unique professional experience in the decision making process with each opportunity under consideration.

Okeanos Today

Our Guiding Principles


Supportive Partners throughout the investment lifecycle

Collaborative and engaged irrespective of individual investment participation or levels

Enthusiastic practitioners of innovation and entrepreneurship


Mark Dumas

Aaron Pollock

Samantha Allen

Aaron Berkey

Jason Parikh

Investing in
success, together.